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My mentor and idol is, in my eyes, one of the worlds best ever hairdressers to wield the scissors, my father Luigi. The skills this man portrays from his perfect scissor over comb, to using the cut-throat razor, to putting the finishing touches to any style amazes me to this day. To have been blessed to be taught the intricacies of my trade by this man is what I believe to be the reason that makes me the stylist and educator that I am today.

The brand King Louis IX was created out of the respect and appreciation I have for Luigi D'Adderio.

King Louis IX was the King of France in the 1200's, he was known as the kind King who ruled his people with much respect. He is the only King of France to have been canonised. Saint King Louis IX appreciation and patronage of the Arts drove much innovation and creativity and justly he is the Patron Saint of Hairdressers and Barbers worldwide, his feast day falls on my birthday, 25 August.

With Louis being the French and English version of my fathers name Luigi, it is only just that the brand King Louis IX is born.

Our Founder

With over 25 years experience in the hairdressing industry, as a well respected business owner and stylist of a 2nd generation Barbershop - Luigi and Sons, and over 7 years as an American Crew International Allstar, travelling the world to share his skills as part of an amazing education team, Lino D'Adderio knows a thing or two about hair.

He has designed and developed this amazing styling tool which has transformed the way you style hair. Over the many years he has used his prototype to not only style his clients behind the chair, but also as his secret weapon in styling for photshoots, hairstyling competitions, hair shows and catwalks.

The King Louis IX styling rake is made from the highest quality Stainless Steel and powdercoated to stand the test of time. You will only ever need to buy one...

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